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Power of the Pen

By KitKat125, Somewhere, IN

The power to create universes lies at the bottom of a pool of ink. Casting aside all chains with which society tries in vain to ensnare me, I dive in headfirst.
A world is born. Water floods the blank canvas, anointing the planet with its cool breath. Land rises up in a collage of mountains and deserts, flora and fauna sprinkling its surface.
With the spark of a single idea comes life. Creatures claw their way out of the vast expanses of my imagination, a select few taking the form of human beings. Others morph into the most horrifying, repulsive monsters out of a nightmare. These beasts find themselves at the mercy of a blade- my pen. Warm blood oozes onto the paper, soaking the pages in its crimson hue. Romance flits around the outskirts, avoiding the gore with careful daintiness, though at times mingling with the twists and turns of the wildest rollercoaster.

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