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Liar, liar.

By MidnightNow1127, Brentwood, CA

“You know the law. The penalty for treason against the crown is death,” he reminded me once again!

Again, I replied, “I told you, sir, I have indeed been framed. I am a loyal citizen of Their Majesties the King and Queen of England.”

“Shut your trap, sir. You have no right to speak in court.”

“Then how, pray tell, am I to defend myself?”

“You do not. The penalty for which you have committed, sir, is, in face, death/”

“I heard you the first few dozen times,” I grumbled.

“Silence in the court!” the judge declared.

I sighed, furious and incredibly irritated. I know it was my fate to dace the gallows or the guillotine, but I’d been here before, and if I’m here again, I survived.

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