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Out Loud

December 8, 2011

By AmandaWint3r, Mclean, VA

I restrain myself,
fighting back the world inside me,
the world I want to be in.

I contain myself,
locked inside the dream within me,
the dream I’ll never live.

I surrender myself,
to clichés, cliques, and the politically correct,
knowing I’ve let them win.

I lie, I cheat, I steal,
but never out loud.

I pray, I beg, I whine,
but I never make a sound.

I feel, I hurt, I cry,
there are no tears to be found.

I wander, I hunt, I run,
I leave no footsteps on the ground.

I yearn, I long, I wait,
And today, “now” became “too late.


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