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Sophia's Freckles: Part 1

By Rainbows47, Clarksville, TN

Sophia’s Freckles
Part 1- Meeting the Vanderbees

The warm joy of the morning sunshine awoke the streets and neighborhoods of London. The city, eager to get ahead on a new day, was quickly bustling with commuters. Children hurried to school, adults rushed to the newsstands for updates about the present war and rushed to coffee shops on their way to their workplaces; everything seemed to be progressing in the city. Yes, this was a lovely typical day for London in the mist of 1943. However in a distinct part of the city, on a particular street, within a specific home, for a most particular someone, this day would mark the start of something not as typical as the rest of the city would experience. For in that home, Sophia Brooks lived and her life would forever be changed.

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