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Someone was watching: later in life

By Blueeyedgirl18, kulpmont, PA

“Molly? Are you awake yet?” Lynn yells from the kitchen. Molly puts her pillow over her head and lies there for just a few minutes. She knows she should get up. She doesn’t feel like it though. She had a late night last night. She was out with a few friends at a party.

She finally decides that she should get up. She rolls out of bed and walks to her mirror on her wall. When she looks into the mirror she wrinkles her nose. Her eyeliner is smudged on her face, her lip stick was messy and her hair looked like she had been through a tornado. She walks over to the bathroom to start the shower. On her way back to retrieve her clothes she had laid out in her room, she hears something. She peers around the bathroom corner to find her brother’s door is open.

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