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She Said Yes by Misty Bernall

By swimster16, Dexter, MI

This powerful book is about the unlikely martyrdom of a daughter, friend, disciple, and unfortunate victim, named Cassie Bernall. She Said Yes, by Misty Bernall, explains through details of a worried parent about how kids problems can be solved through a different environment, even if you question. Cassie’s death was not pursued but an unlucky chance that out of everyone who was in the library cramming in their studies, two men on a killing rampage, picked her. They asked a serious question. Did she believe in God? No, you live, yes, you die. She answered yes, with all the strength that was in her mind and soul of repeating that same question at home. Through the story Misty explain her life before the tragedy up until the morning of. After the shooting at Columbine, Misty and her families struggles after the incident are printed as if we are right next to them.

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