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By queer_fish, San Antonio, TX

Pencil, pencil, wood and lead,
Extracting musings from my head.
Ideas, notions, visions, reflections,
Schemes, theories, dreams, introspections –
Jumbled in my mind into a muddled mess,
Of words and phrases I must express.
With few escapes these thoughts are trapped in my skull –
Purposeless, listless, at an eternal lull.
If not for the indispensible service you provide,
They would for a long while in my brain reside.
But through you they can be released,
Untied, unfettered and unleashed,
From the chaos and clutter of my mind.
In truth, you are one of the most useful tools of humankind –
A bridge from the brain to the physical world,
You allow tangled thoughts to be unfurled,
And all you ask, in return, is to be sharpened.

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