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Global Warming, fact or fiction?

By RaD1oAct1v3PaNda, Sugar Land, TX

“Global Warming is making people nuts. People are panicking and they’re jumping over the Constitution and they’re jumping over common sense.” We all hear that it’s killing and harming our world. But what is Global Warming? It’s only when a couple of greenhouse gases such as Carbon Dioxide float into the atmosphere and hold on to escaping heat (Evan, 2008). Is it a threat though? No. We will live if we keep on driving cars. We will live if we keep on drinking coffee. We will live we if we turn on the AC in the summer. We will live if you and I just keep on doing what we are here to do. Global Warming caused by humans is not affecting the Earth negatively significantly.
Why do we always blame ourselves? For every environmental thing that was not predicted, or was a disaster, we always blame ourselves.

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