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Part of Me Wants to Kill You Part Two

By andromeda13, Barrie, Canada

“Amy.” I whispered, I started to un-wrap the gauze from around my hand and peered at the long gash that ran across the back of my hand. I groaned. What did I do last night? I traced the cut with my finger as I walked around the house. The morning sun was bright and the air was warm; as if the weather was mocking my confusion and growing fear. I inspected myself, smoothing out the wrinkles in my pajamas. When did I put these on? I touched my face and my hair, which was wet, but I couldn’t remember ever having a shower. I held back my panic; Amy would never do anything to get me in trouble, we were a team, right?

I continued to look around the house for clues, clenching the mirror piece in my hand. I peered at my reflection in the mirror shard. My eyes were bright green; my hair was long and strawberry blond. I smiled showing my clean, perfectly straight teeth.

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