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Only One Shot

November 17, 2011

By Brittbyheart, yucca valley, CA

“Only one shot!” Yelled out my soccer coach. “You only get one shot!”

There stood the opposite teams goalie, shifting her weight from one foot to another, both her hands sticking out at her sides. She had a mocking look on her face, making me want to tackle her. Time seemed to slow down. Everyone was caught up on the other side of the field when my team mate kicked the ball long and far towards me.

Left, right. Left, Right. I kept repeating. It would take maybe seven or eight seconds, tops, before people would try to take the ball away. My heart was beating hard in my chest. The goal kept getting smaller and smaller as the goalie kept shouting out hate remarks.

“Come on, girl! You have the whole field to yourself and you will still miss!

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