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Flames Of Red & Orange

By BadGirl, Dacula, GA

Flames of red and orange. Smoke burning in my lungs, making it where I couldn't call for help. I was trapped and I had to get out. Otherwise this wasn't going to end well. For me, and for whoever else was still inside the building. I ran for my bedroom door. I placed a single finger on the doorknob - it wasn't hot - I swung open the door. My eyes widened in horror. Flames of red and orange were climbing up the walls. It reminded me of the circus, the part where the tiger jumps through the flaming hoop. But would I make it out like the tiger? I took a deep breath put the hood up on my jacket and ran straight for the flames. Unbelievable I made it through the flames. I smiled slightly and began to cough. I was on the eleventh floor could I run down eleven flights of stairs?
I couldn't hear sirens from fire trucks over the crackles of the flames.

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