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Lashonti S., Chicago, IL By Mani2x, Chicago, IL

You have me in the palm of your hand
You have me on this stage
And you hold the strings that move me
Dance Imani
Dance Imani
I have no choice but to dance
Anytime I try to take MY life
In my own hands
You move me
Back where you want me to be
You are the dream killer
The soul snatcher
The same legs that
Opened up wide to birth me
In this world
Are the same legs
That are connected to the feet
That stomp
My dreams
My individuality
Into mere existence
Dance Imani
Dance Imani
To you
Im nothing but
A piece of life on a string
But I have feelings too
But my emotions are worthless
My crying is pointless
Cause your the same one
That said you could care less
Dance Imani
Dance Imani
My life is in her hands
I have no choice but to dance

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