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My Great-Grandmother Is a Turtle

By Dragonfly_Girl, Pleasant Hill, CA

Every day, you are coming into contact with countless objects. At this moment, I can name a hundred items around me—the chair I am sitting on, the keyboard my fingers rest on, the computer screen in front of me, the clothing on my body, the cluttered papers on this desk— the list could go on forever. The world around us is made up of things, most of which are unimportant and easily replaceable. In my own experience, objects that truly mean something are rare. I have had only a handful of possessions precious to me in my life. Of those, only one stands out as being something I really treasure, and is really priceless to me. It is a decorative “soap turtle”-- an exquisite handmade object, although that is not the main reason that I value it. My great-grandmother, Grace, made it, and she put a lot of love into it.

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