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Dear Jacob, Letter #3

By lovemenot, Port Angeles, WA

Dear Jacob,
I’ve missed you. You went to visit your family in Connecticut over winter break and it killed me to see you go. But you’re back now.
First day back at school, we got paired up for a month long project. I was ecstatic. You thought it would be fun. Yay!
You asked me for my cell phone number, so we could keep in touch about our project. About five minutes after I gave it to you, you texted me and asked, “Is it working yet?” I laughed and then set that message as my screen background. You kept texting me all day long, until about 11oclock at night.
You asked me to your house to work on the project. I came over and your parents asked me to stay for dinner. I did.
Just before I left, your little sister asked if I was your girlfriend. And you didn’t say no. You blushed when I looked at you. I hoped you would kiss me, and you almost did. What on earth stopped you?!?!

Right now, I love you more than usual,

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