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The fearful.

By LikeWobbly, San Antonio, TX

Passion in your eyes, and love at your fingertips.
You've got so much potential rushing through your veins, beating life into your heart and soul.
But doubtfulness linger near, sometimes your cheeks give it away, and sometimes it's your inability to look me in the eye.
Just remember some time will be your time, and you won't hesitate.
Fear is a obstacle your working to overcome, it's a mountain your climbing
You will come to the realization that there is less oxygen on top, and rarely any company.
So please don't linger long. Face the truths, the lies.
Because right now, those who can see the magic you possess are waiting.
I am waiting, and your preoccupation has left me with an empty mailbox, just another absence of you. I miss you, hurry home.

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