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City Year This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Tiffany D., Brooklyn, NY

   Imagine taking a year off after graduating from high school. Instead of takingclasses, you work around Boston doing various tasks such as cleaning upneighborhoods or helping children with their homework. What is this programcalled? City Year.

Anita Balliro, head of student activities at MarbleheadHigh School said "City Year is an urban Peace Corps for young people who havegraduated from high school. It was started by Harvard graduates who thought thaturban problems could be solved by community volunteers. The program mainlyfocuses on city problems such as crime, drugs, education in schools, and children(activities like building playgrounds)." She also said that five years ago CityYear was looking for kids to sign up, but now it is so popular there are waitinglists to get in. About 175 high school graduates apply each year, and only 50 getin.

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