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Yeti's Revenge

January 6, 2012

By EmilyGrace, That town, SD

It started as any Christmas Eve did for Santa Claus. He made sure the toys were finished, loaded them into the sleigh, hitched up the reindeer and sent the elves to bed. Finally, he could start his flight. His first stop was a small hut in a valley snuggled deep in the Himalayas. These mountains are very dangerous to Santa with their snowy weather, low visibility and harsh landing conditions. He had to have keen senses when entering their territory. He didn’t want to disappoint the young girl, Ahnna, who lived in a quaint little hut, so he flew there, despite the conditions. On the way there, he had to drop Yeti’s hunk of coal down to him. Yeti was a huge, destructive monster that roamed the Himalayas. He felt at home in them. Santa didn’t dare go and deliver it to him because he knew they weren’t good friends.

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