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No One is There, Until the Sun Rises Again.

By Becca17, Belleville Ontario, Canada

The sun beams down on the whole garden, the flowers welcome the sun.
They trust it,
they obey it,
so they open up to it.
Each showing beautiful colours and releasing intoxicating aromas. The flowers love the sun, it's a bright spotlight that makes them all feel important and relaxed.
The sun becomes a drug that mollifies the flowers into a calm sedated state. And in the calm sedated state, the flowers sing their secrets out into the open wind. Feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
Except for one flower.
One flower sits directly in the centre of the large luscious garden. This flower is the rarest, most beautiful one in the garden, but she refuses the sun. The sun beams down hard on the flower. So hard that sometimes leaves on the stem will dry up and wither away.

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