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Why Do People Get So Mad When They Hear Jesus Talk

By JasmineNoelle1, There is no need to know this !!!, TX

Why do people get so mad when they hear Jesus Talk? I just don’t understand why they get so mad when they hear something about Jesus. It kind of makes me scared to even openly talk about Jesus in the public schools because all they do is scream at you and say Jesus not real; the bible is full of fairytales and bull. What???? I wonder to myself have any of these kids picked up the book and read it?
I can understand that some people just don’t want to hear something about Jesus and how he loves us so much which is called unconditional love. Cause I once didn’t want to hear because the person who kept speaking the word of God in my opinion was a total hypocrite, and this person was my dad.
Reasoning they don’t want to hear it because all they see is bible beaters who called themselves Christians. Well I’m the type of Christian who is not part of any domination I’m just Christian.

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