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A New Home

By snowgirl, mooers, NY

Alex where is she. A sharp cry filled the silent night air. I can`t see, I can`t hear, all my senses were cut off. It was like I am alone in my own world full of black darkness. My heart is racing and I’m alone and scared. I only knew one thing and that was that I had to escape. That sense was so overpowering it was as if it was the only thing in the world that existed right now. A dim light filled the room, I ran to it there must be an exit I thought, there has to be. I started to feel along the wall; there, my hand just brushed it. I tried the handle and the door swung open. “Alex”, I screamed. Where was she, my twin sister could get into a lot of trouble but this was drawing the line.
I carefully made my way out the door to find out what it leads to, and load and behold it leads to a new room. The new room was twice the size as the last room. It still had the familiar black darkness but it seemed kind of cozier.

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