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When Your Days are Numbered

By emattox, Onancock, VA


Julia Inman: The only child, a sixteen year old girl who is pretty, tall, and thin. She is outgoing, never seen without a smile on her face, and dresses in preppy, conservative skirts and dresses.

Katherine Inman: The forty year old mother of Julia, pretty like her daughter but shows the effects of aging. While not obese, she is plump and wears baggy clothes, obviously insecure about herself.

Steven Inman: Julia’s father, a forty five year old lawyer who dresses in suits and is never seen without a briefcase. He is loud and opinionated, and the obvious father of Julia- they look almost exactly alike.

Dr. Arnold: A 50 year old, very experienced doctor. He takes his job very seriously, and is never seen without his lab coat in the office.

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