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December 23, 2011

By greenbean_94, Somerville, TN

"What can you do when you fear the thing you love the most is going to be lost? Love means sacrificing your needs for the other person; it means putting your wants and needs to rest in an attempt to meet theirs. I believe this to be true. But what if what they want and need is you? Confusing myself with this question, I often wonder of the answer I would receive if I asked. Fearfully, I would inquire, with tears in my eyes, what he REALLY wanted and if it was me. The only conflict between myself and actually asking the question is the fact that if he did want me, he would have to face a choice: Give up his dreams for me, or leave me for his dreams. I would much rather him choose the second. Desperately, I have been searching for another option, but the future is so clouded, how would I even see? Have you ever wanted something, or someone, so much you almost couldn't bear it?

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