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By writer015, Howard, OH

Jay!” Screamed a husky voice not far behind me. I ignored my cousin and kept walking. I stumbled, tripped and faltered on the bumpy asphalt, my shoes covered in a slight coating of dust. “Jay! Jay, wait!” The voice was closer now, but still I refused to stop or look back. I didn’t understand what she thought she had to say to me, any of them. I wasn’t going to listen; they may have surrendered to a harsh reality but I wasn’t going to submit to anything other than my own feelings of truth. I wasn’t going to accept an answer without an affirmation of rightness. A sudden harsh yank on my arm forced me to resist, I felt my muscles stiffen and automatically challenge whatever was trying to keep me from my goal. I fought the urge to turn and slap my cousin, and contented myself with shoving away her hand forcefully so that her grip on my arm gave way.

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