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Time for the Leaders to Act

Adam S., Tamilnadu, India By praveen.Trichy, Thirchy, India

Alan, who was jailed in Villa Marista prison is a detention centre. He was suspected for working in American Intelligence services. Wiki Leaks, before few days released some cables that showed the arrest came amid and creating tension between the government of America and Cuba.
It's the duty of the government to save its innocent citizen. He already spends 15 months in the worst detention centre and had not spoke with his family except two times in phone.

Cuban government informed that Alan delivered laptops and satellite phones to dissidents, but people were feeling there is nothing wrong in doing that, because they have been selling around the world freely and are not meant the person who is selling is spying. Only some Cubans blamed him. When he worked in other countries, he was not accused as a spy or a member of CIA.

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