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Mercury is Thicker than Water: Book 1

Becca B., Thermopolis, WY By Zombiekityy, Thermopolis, WY

        “Run, Marty! Run!” An elderly woman’s hoarse screams rang out across the darkened field.
A stripe of orange firelight stretched over a patch of once luscious, beautiful red roses that had been crushed into the musky soil by the hooves of the Mabanar Army. The light was spilling through a broken, splintered oaken door.
“Shut her up!” A gruff voice barked.
The woman’s desperate cries were suddenly cut short and there was a dull thud as her lifeless body fell to the thread-bare rug covering the dirty floor.
Marty, a 14 year-old boy with unruly black hair that had been bleached purple by his many hours spent in the sun, ran across his grandmother’s field as fast as his lanky legs could carry him. What have I done? Marty morosely thought to himself as he leaped over the minuscule creek that was trickling across the field.

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