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Thunder Rolls

By Bluekit, Rockton, IL

The skies let out a deep rumble of thunder. I whimpered in the dark, my head under a blanket.
As long as I can remember, I've always been terrified of thunderstorms.
A crackle of lightning split through the air and filled my room with an erie light.
For that split-second I saw shadows dance across my room.
Suddenly my room seem too dark, too big, too empty.
Creeping out into the hallway, I poked my head into Ichigo's room.
He was sitting at his desk, manga in hand.
I scrambled back into my room, threw a thin, dark purple blanket over my shoulders, and snatched my stuffed animal bunny off my bed.
I slowly crept back into Ichigo's room and poked his back.
"Gahhh!" He screamed, grabbing a bat that happened to be right next to his desk.

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