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Glances like Strangers

January 13, 2012

Lashonti S., Chicago, IL By Mani2x, Chicago, IL

We used to be best friends
Ride or Die till the end
Deep dark secrets
Shared over a slice of pizza
Now it's just glances in the hallway
As if we were strangers
I'm feeling like a lone ranger
A long stormy day
Without a rainbow
A playa
Without his hoes
Without Nakiya
You hardly talk
You no longer call
So I guess
All thats left
Is a forgotten friendship
And the only thing that
Ties us together
Bonds us together
Is our deep dark secrets
We glance at each other in
The hallways
No hellos
No goodbyes
From others we look like
Complete strangers
To people who don't know better
They'll think
We're just strangers
Glancing at each other
Caught each others eye
But I know better
We used to be best friends


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