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You Can’t Kill Scissors with a Stone

By xJessex666, Blossvale, NY

A man carrying his own weight in regret,
He tries to change even with his final breath,
He is the manifestation of anger and regret his wisest words were;
“People are greedy and selfish in nature;compassion brings no feasible end result. Everything is so cliché”
Is he correct? Or he is just a syndical sociopath?
Who the f*#k cares, I will live my cliché life and will end full of heartache and regret,
A fake smile on my face,
Until the day I die which seems to be the case,
And my final days I will give grace;
My sins I will attempt to erase.
If I could have one last request;
It would be forgiveness from all those that I’ve come to detest.
My jar of hearts is overflowing with broken glass,

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