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Dear, My Un-Named Love

By xJessex666, Blossvale, NY

Hello there dear, I love you.
It may have been a while since I shot you a smile,
I may not be quite sweet enough like marshmallow fluff,
But something I know for sure is that you’re cuter than a kitten playing with a door,

When you take my hand; when we kiss in the rain;
My heart starts singing a choir, I’m trying to figure out the feelings you’re making me feel.
The nights when we would sit and talk for hours,
Oh they were so fun and they meant the world to me because they were moments spent with you.

Hello my secret love affection, in my eyes you’re every bit perfection.
Your eyes are beyond beauty a statement; I could not ever deny.
I could tell you a million things you have heard before and flatter you until you die,
I could be like “Roar”. I could say “Yo amor tu.”, “Je t’aime” There are a lot of ways to say I love you.

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