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The Wand

By LucieLacey, Saint Paul, MN

The two futons that my sister, Zoey, and I slept on, when we were little, were set next to each other on the floor. Above them was a red lamp that washed the little room with a soft pinkish hue. My sister, my dad and I cuddled together, reading the story of Pinocchio, in which Pinocchio’s friends get turned into donkeys.
Later that week, the three of us- my dad, my sister and I- were playing in my and Zoey’s room with wands and costumes. I was a fairy, and then a witch, or a little girl running from the witch, when my sister decided it was her turn to be evil. Then, suddenly inspired by Pinocchio, I had a wonderful idea. I turned on my dad and with a wave of my sparkly, pink wand I said, “Abracadabra, you’re a donkey!” Immediately, he got down on all fours and started braying and kicking about. At first it was funny to see my usually proper dad being so silly, but after a couple minutes it got old.

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