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walk alone

By michaela m., temporary, Japan

It was a quiet night the world of day left hours ago and with it went the busy streets, the gossiping crowds, and the on going traffic all that was left was the quiet sound of my foot steps as I continued walking down the sidewalk. Passing house after house and continuing on, following the moons direction. My feet stop at one of the old houses as I watch a family help prepare a diner. “looks like the main course is shrimp.” I say to myself as I continue to watch not yet ready to leave. Watching them was like a Kodak moment captured on film. I laugh as I see a child of five pull on his mothers skirt pointing to where his older sister sat cutting fruit. She looks toward her husband then nods her head smiling, as she opens a drawer and takes out a flat butter knife. She sets him at the table and hands him the knife and a banana to slice. She shows him how to hold it then lets him slice by himself as she silently stands behind him.

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