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By writerscramp, Green Bay, WI

Sitting in my dorm room, not sure what to think. Not sure I'm ready to face the world, not yet. The awkward moment when you and your roommate realize you just don't get along, and can't, so you both agree that one of you would move out. Since I brought pretty much everything, we decided it would be easier if she did was the one to move. There aren't many open rooms, not for second semester freshmen at least. So she moved kitty-corner across the hall. She had a J-term class, and I wonder how she explained the move to people...

My new roommate hasn't moved in yet. It's quiet. It's nice. But lonely. My stuff is neatly on one side, and on the other, a bare lofted bed with an empty desk underneath it. Empty, no signs of life on that side of the room. Once people start coming back, I know I'll be fine.

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