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One From the Heart

By xJessex666, Blossvale, NY

Darling I wrote you this song, A bunch of thoughts and regrets from when I did you wrong,
Why can’t I erase this feeling, it’s tearing up my heart,
When I close my eyes I see your face,
I can’t escape this, and it’s pulling me down,
This stranglehold you have over me it’s leaving me breathless,
I know it was my fault, but this pain is relentless,
Why is it to me that your voice seems so divine?
I know that I should walk away
But this drug is all in my face and the temptation is just too great,
I fall into the same cycle again,
I end up just falling when- I try to run,
My own self destruction is such a funny little game.
So darling here’s one from the heart,

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