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Land on Your Heart

By Piepiepie, Lakewood, CO

Once I finished our introductions, the youth group shares their burdens and we all listen intently. I remember when I was sixteen. Now, believe me, I wasn’t perfect. Was anyone back then? But I feel like I had even more memories and troubles in my teen years. Maybe that is what inspired me to become a youth group leader at our local church.

I was ten when everything started to fall apart. My older brother had just turned sixteen and was a sophomore at Phillips High School. Another boy (a senior might I add) had dropped out of school and ran away to New York. Apparently, Matthew had the same idea. My mom was just getting on him about going out with Rebecca. Rebecca went to Phillips with Matt. She also lived in the apartment below us. She was a punk rocker. Complete with chains and the heaviest makeup you have ever seen on a sixteen year old girl.

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