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Before Sunrise

Bernadette A., new york, NY By SweetPolarBearHugs, new york, NY

"Wait don't leave yet!" She crys, her out reached hand almost gripped at his wrist. "I have to, princess or your father's men with find me and I will be rotting in that cage again, do you want that?" She felt tears sting her green hazel eyes as she shook her head side to side. "No! But I'll miss you, when will you come back?" He grins and took her right hand in both of his. His skin is so soft. She thought to herself, staring right into his dazzling chocolate brown eyes. "I'll be back before sunrise and I'll take you a way from here. So you and I can get married." Her heart slammed in her ribs. Marriage?! " Drake I-" He held a finger to her pink lips. "Don't worry about me, my love. I promise you, I will return." And with that she watch him leap out of her bedroom window, his black cape fallowing right behind him.

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