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DROWNING (Part I of 3)

By xmeghanbearx, Los Gatos, CA

I wake in a deep sweat.
The air is cold, chilling.
I rub my eyes, and swipe the remaining hairs off my forehead.
I search through the sheets to find Trey lying silently on the pillow; dreaming and smiling.
The curtains are whipping back in forth from the freezing December rain.
The sky is charcoal colored; lighting striking being a nightlight.
I wrap my arms around me and fidget with the lock on the window.
I wince as bits of my skin have been bitten by the catch of the windowpane.
Trey mumbles something in his sleep and squirms about.
I tip-toe to open the door, the floor is frighteningly arctic.
The office shirt that belongs to Trey fits loosely around my fragile body.

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