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Ending Oh so Suddenly

By xJessex666, Blossvale, NY

I remember when we use to lay on the grass,
With our eyes on the stars, and our heads in the clouds,
You wishing upon a star, no matter where we are,
That no matter how far, that you never forget me,
Our hearts in our hands held so tight,
Darling you’re leaving me breathless,
I hope you lied when you said I was everything,
I wish I didn’t mean it when I said I’m nothing without you,
Every moment we spend together, it feels like the best damn thing ever,
I’m done being so overwhelming affectionate.
Because god knows the way we think,
And how we seem to think we know how to love,
Even though we are oh so young, 15,16
So then we take a drink, from this cup of broken dreams,

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