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My Infamous Father

By MoradoGurl213, Evanston, IL

Ever since the early ages of Civilization, our world came across many leaders and rulers of the century. Some leaders stepped forward with dreams of a better civilization and community. On the other hand, many leaders had other plans of ruling just to enforce and promote Nationalism and Fascism. As more centuries passed, the idea of having a main leader or idol can be openly expressed from an individual. Some people only have one idol, and others have more than one. In my opinion, having your own idol means that that person has greatly influenced and improved the way you think, act, interact with others in a positive way. I think an idol is developed by another person because that influential idol impacted another person’s life by the way that idol thinks, acts, and uses his/her knowledge to express their opinions freely. An idol doesn’t always have to rescue someone from a burning building or discover a new and effective cure for cancer.

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