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School ways

February 9, 2012

By Kimberly_W, Lafferty, OH

going down the hallway
my shoes freeze
then kick off
all emotion stops
the heart beat intensest
you wanna run-away
my eyes glance up
i see bright lights
someone walks into me
knock me off my feet
I'm on the ground
i can't breathe
I'm freaking out
i stand back up
run to the closet door
it keep flying farther away
i just wanna run away i see some kid shoved in a locker
i see a girl putting make-up on
she tells me shh don't show the tears
shes covered in bruises
i see a fat boy starving
he says I'm not liked by many
he was on TV a week ago
he dead from heart failure
i seen a girl scream for help
she was 16 with a 36 year old man

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