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By brooke112345, Scottdale, PA

Picture a world with the most dangerous animals in our world’s forest living in our town. Imagine a hungry grizzly bear standing at your front door, or a wolf sitting by you patio waiting for you to cook some steaks on the grill, or a bobcat circling around you kids’ swing set, not a pretty picture, right? I bet most of you wouldn’t even go outside. Studies show in tens of years, the world just may be like that if deforestation doesn’t stop. Nature freak? No, I’m just worried that if we cut down trees, the world will become crazy. I oppose the cutting down of trees because it can possibly destroy the world.
As I said before, the world would be totally hectic with predator animals all around. Also, the world would be very hot, due to global warming and trees and plants give us a lot, if not all of our medicine, so a lot of people will be sick.

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