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Hanger Steak, Baccalà & a $5.25 Hamburger: A Culinary Journey

By Christopher_Davis, Florham Park, NJ

I’ll admit I am a fledgling foodie. My palate is not the most cultured or traveled and I do not think I’ll be finding employment as a critic any time soon, but I do enjoy making my way through Zagat as much as the next New Yorker. On a recent long weekend in New Haven, Connecticut, I looked forward to my reservations almost as much as I did seeing some friends. When traveling, my gastronomical GPS comes out in full force– there’s hardly a better way to cement a place in your mind than through a good meal. Even a lousy meal offers a story to tell.

Armed with Zagat and a few NYT reviews, I planned ahead, and with the help of my traveling secretary (the OpenTable app) nearly had all the menus memorized before being seated. My first destination was a rather chic, “Contemporary American” eatery. While those two words often frighten me (I have been far too many times to Contemp.

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