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Tell me a story

By albinotiger, Gloucester, MA

Tell me a story
of where the sun shines happily
the small birds sing songs sweetly
the flowers clear the air of stench
and fairies hide before they cause trouble

Tell me a story
of where mermaids sing like angels
the fish fear ferocious sharks
the pirates sail the open waters
and where there is danger at every turn

Tell me a story
of where a blood thirsty dragon
is holding a fair maiden captive
that causes a duel between the dragon
and the heroic brave handsome knight

Tell me a story
of a little girl who lives in a cruel world
Full of drugs, fights, and abuse
tell the story so you can assure me
that I too will have a happily ever after

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1 comment(s)
this is a very nice piece of work, it made me smile :)
May. 24, 2013 at 12:05 PM • Report