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Babylon Revisited and Other Short Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By 7Steps, Lilburn, GA

Ever since my first encounter with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary prowess via The Great Gatsby, I’ve been enchanted by the author’s psychoanalytic prose and penchant for injecting sharp and colorful language into loose sentences that ebb and flow with the melodiousness of Shakespearean poetry. This sentiment is common amongst seniors who have read the novel, with some citing Gatsby as their favorite assigned reading throughout all of high school. Luckily, Mr. Fitzgerald did not substitute quality for quantity in his literary career, penning a copious amount of essays, short stories, novels, and articles that are just as potent and enjoyable as his magnum opus. Babylon Revisited and Other Short Stories is a collection of ten such short stories written over the span of a decade and consolidated into one publication.

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