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Luckiest Guy

By jake2011, Cheyenne Wells, CO

Everytime I see you smile
Girl I go so crazy
That I can’t even think
Oh, you’re just so amazing
It’s no wonder
Why I can’t sleep a wink

Girl you’re one of a kind
I’ve never met someone like you
And I don’t know why you chose me
But you made me the happiest
Guy in the world

Everytime I’m with you
There’s a smile on my face
That nothing could ever take away
But it leaves when she does
So I know what I gotta do to fix that
There’s something I need to say

Chorus 1x

Everytime we kiss
You bring me to my knees
‘Cause each is better than the last
Oh girl I love you

Chorus 1x

Copyright 1/12/2012

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