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By Mikey5, bridgewater, NJ

The dream is a mysterious occurrence, faced by the living night in day. Some dreams are everything you have ever wanted. But there are those dreams separated from the rest, the dreams of death, disease, full on h*ll. It is like you are living your worst nightmare, What is it all came true? What if the worst is yet to come.

The alarm clocks ringing echos in the dreaming mans head. As if fitting in with his nightmare of the police shooting at him with the sirens beeping. The dream is hard to get away from, like it has it's own mind. He wakes up with pillows and sheets everywhere. The coffee mug that stayed on the dresser most of the night, is on the floor in peices with coffee stains everywhere. The day is filled with misery as the police pass the man holding a sign for toys r us. He can get away from the horror of what was and what is.

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