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Footprints on My Heart

Emily P., cedar rapids, IA By brunett97, cedar rapids, IA

The very first time I sat in this room looking out this window, the grass was green, the sun was shining, and the days were longer. Now a year later, events have run life into a full circle. When I look out the window now, I see everything around me drowning in white. Our first snowfall of the season and it’s still going strong. So much has changed this past year. I’ve had to face things I once thought could never happen to me. I cried many times late at night, and I know there are more tears to come. The hurt and pain weighs down my heart with such a force, there isn’t much strength left to feel anything else.
“Do you want me to bring you back a Dr. Pepper, Shannon?”
I grin before answering him, “Yeah, thanks. How’d you know?”
“I just know you so well.” Anthony says smiling out the door.

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