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The Silent Guardian

By lvamp1192, Schuylerville, NY

In this place I’ve sat for many years, I suppose we should start at the beginning when I was a seedling. I sat in fascination at the new world. I listened to the older trees talk of the possible drought and their worries though they toned it down for the seedlings ears. Throughout my years here I watched the people walk by in utter fascination.
I was five years old when 1856 came around, a family of two sons and a daughter came walking into the field and sat down, letting their eager children have time to run around. The two boys wasted no time climbing the tree closest to me. The little girl struggling to keep up also tried climbing the tree the boys had hastily climbed up. The mother scolded the young child telling her it was improper to climb trees. The little girl sighed and sulked at the base of me muttering under her breath “it’s just not fair.

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