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Throw Away the Makeup

February 8, 2012

By writereadlove, Brooklyn, NY

The article “Throw Away the Makeup” by Amy G helped me realize something very important. While applying makeup is viewed by some as a fun, grown-up activity, it is actually harmful to girls in physical and mental ways.

First of all, skin absorbs some of the makeup applied to it. This is dangerous because most of these substances are made with unhealthy chemicals and artificial colors. While all-natural products may be advertised, a glance at the label will reveal unhealthy preservatives. Many girls are not aware of this because they are too excited to look mature and “beautiful.”

That is where the real problem comes in. Makeup causes those girls to think they have to cover their natural selves in order to look pretty. As Amy puts it in her piece, “Makeup distorts genuine beauty and real confidence.

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