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What If...

By greenbean_94, Somerville, TN

What if, instead of playing it safe, you took that risk? All of my life, I've been a logical thinker. I mean, when all my friends cried when Old Yeller died, I simply told them that the family did what they had to do. Back then, that meant I was a heartless child. I have never been heartless; just simply safe and logical. When faced with a situation, I observe it from EVERY angle and aspect before I make a final discision. I couldn't ever do anything without thinking. Then I met him.

In the second grade, you usually don't have crushes, but I did. Although I don't remember the first time I saw him, I remember very well the fasination I had of him. He was weird, suprising, obnoxious, immature and a complete pest! But he puzzled me. We spent so many days together, laughing and playing as children.

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