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A Subject I Know Well: An Apostrophe to Death

February 28, 2012

By AlaskaFrost, Acushnet, MA

I am engulfed by night,
inscrutable and infinite,
perpetual blackness.
There was nothing of me
after your visit. You took me
and led me to oblivion, alone to fade,
wither into a hollow shell,
break and disintegrate into dust
swept away by the wind.

And now that I am blacker than this blackness,
caged under your sunless roof, and
left with the unbearable stench of decay,
I wonder how you snare your victims,
how cunning your devices must be
to have imprisoned me in my own self.
(Clever, clever)

But I am not fading anymore.
My fingernails are crusted with dirt, your darkest stuff, and

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